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"I think you can hold them responsible without endangering them or lacking empathy for their plight..."

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I recognized my wife's voice talking as she walked into the bathroom. " The gasps from Rasmir and the council leader were the only thing heard in the now quieted house.

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Irene anderson nude pictures
Irene anderson nude pictures

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Gunos 11 months ago
No irony at all since the genealogies of Jesus recorded in Matthew and Luke provide birth dates that differ by about 12 years. Since both can't be true (although for an omnipotent god, being born of two different dates might be possible) an inconsistency exists and therefore the bible can't be taken literally. Of course, both genealogies are fiction created by the people who were creating this fraud.
Zulrajas 10 months ago
Justice would bankrupt the church. That is a huge reason to continue to hide church info on previous accusations.
Grozuru 10 months ago
Both Matthew 1 and Luke 3 (get your verses right, please), play with words a little bit to get around that little problem.
Danos 10 months ago
Actually I have and it wasn't long before I could see more inflation for Ontarians....More foreign welfare paid for by Ontarians....More civil service employee's waiting to feast at the taxpayer trough....More debt...More restrictive taxes...Probable taxes on inheritances...Then I threw up and decided to vote for anybody but Andrea.
Vutaxe 10 months ago
You have a PhD? I call BS.
Dagul 10 months ago
I have a girl-crush on Priyanka Chopra and Amal Clooney who is also known for her good work for the underprivileged.
Togami 9 months ago
that's what I am seeing - I am having this issue now, even if I give in - I'll have another issue tomorrow, it's been like this for 12 years and I am tired of thinking "after I solve this situation things will get better" there not getting better with her.
Taudal 9 months ago
Sad but true.
Dozahn 9 months ago
Disagree. She has undermined her candidates with concession.
Dolabar 9 months ago
Serious? Did you ever dig deep into say, Mormons? (there are many other silly assertions, but this jumps out).
Tygosar 9 months ago
True. I grew up in such an area with rampant crime. Tons of cops.
Vugal 9 months ago
Think about what you are saying.
Nim 8 months ago
If he is like other personal injury attorneys, then no one.
Shaktijinn 8 months ago
I will see any doctor as well
Akira 8 months ago
I don't care much for materialistic items.
Zulkizragore 8 months ago
Nah, it's irresponsible to leave the USA in the hands of children.
Vojind 8 months ago
Yes some what. I am sure it is more complicated than my amateur evaluation but I have seen it many times. Sometimes it seems the more evangelical as a Christian the more adamant as an atheist. I have heard plenty or horrible arguments from atheist that are particularly cringe worthy. Some eventually learn better some do not.
Nazuru 8 months ago
Theologians call God "The Infinite Spirit". So, you might be on to something in the idea of something (zero) being eternal/permanent. So, zero is not = nothing. Nothing does not exist.
Meztilar 8 months ago
Let me ask you a question before we continue. Do you believe that anything can happen outside of what is observable and testable?
Mazutilar 7 months ago
That might have been her plan.
Nile 7 months ago
Or it it could be that all religions have a partial claim to truth and that they are most grievously in error when they claim their truth is complete and/or exclusive.
Zologis 7 months ago
So the freedom to go... to church, or a nightclub, or out on a city street, or sending your kids to school, without feeling like you're taking your life into your hands. That's not a freedom worth having?
Kigasida 7 months ago
Yes we are. The goal is to move into a house with no debt at all. I can do a lot of fixing up stuff so long as the bones are good. This house would leave us with several thousand for projects if needed. The house is a little less than an hour from my work in a backwater town (not as bad as it sounds, I LIKE rural towns)
Tekree 7 months ago
A fire and forget god who stops in every 4 billion years or so....
Meztik 6 months ago
playing the ponzi says:
Yozshugis 6 months ago
Less imagrants ! More work for blacks and Hispanics !! Maybe we can also get the welfare people of the couch and into the work force !!
Kigaramar 6 months ago
To hell with what Christians believe. It's what they can prove which counts and so far amounts to nothing, not even the existence of this god of theirs and their and their Bible's conversance with the will, nature and acts of this god of theirs.
Arakus 6 months ago
You raise a good point, but I think it still makes more sense that the primary meaning would apply to this situation. It's critical that the conception of Jesus in Mary was by the Holy Spirit and not by man, as otherwise the sin-nature would be passed down to Him and He would no longer be able be a fitting sacrifice for the sin of the world.
Samunos 6 months ago
Start with gay rights and gay marriage
Dalmaran 5 months ago
I'm here because I'm looking for challenging questions to wrestle with to make my faith stronger. Simply hearing an opposition point hundreds of times isn't enough to change my mind, I have to agree with it.
Nelabar 5 months ago
yes, if you read the research - however when constrained by scientific limitations it is inconclusive. Which simply means a person will believe what their own experience dictates.

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