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People who get naked on stickam

People who get naked on stickam
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"They are ditching it. If please cite a source for that because that would be news for actual biologists."

I have taken a bit of literary license with what we each were thinking at the time. Just fill her mouth and make her gag.

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People who get naked on stickam
People who get naked on stickam
People who get naked on stickam

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Gardarisar 10 months ago
Actually rocket science is easier, bubba. We launch rockets all the time. Your solution to everything is to blame the victim. Low wages and racism keeps black people from moving. They can only afford to pay low rent because you have said they don't deserve more. So how can they move? If they are black, most land lords will look at them with suspicion if they are trying to up grade.
Kajind 9 months ago
You're trying to box people's views, but those boxes are revealing inadequate to the task.
Diran 9 months ago
Thanks. I appreciate it.
Kalabar 9 months ago
They're spending their whole lives waiting to meet the LORD. Crazy stuff
Tor 9 months ago
I'm not following your reasoning.
Medal 9 months ago
It doesn't matter what else is there. What makes you think this is either? Maybe nothing is.
Tojat 8 months ago
Viral no, bombings and assinations, yes.
Negor 8 months ago
Hugs to you
Mozahn 8 months ago
Well I didn't know how to put it , but some people told me that you can have not morality with out believing and that athiests have free will to go out and do those things. I took it thatnthey were saying with out god they would be out there doing those very things I listed and it is their religion and believe in god that keeps them in check.
Samujora 8 months ago
You are a victim of the bad translation. The original word "Ecclesia" means community, not a temple and not a hierarchical organisation.
Nilar 8 months ago
The theory of evolution does not ,claim that cats come from dogs.
Nill 8 months ago
Tyrannical guntards proving us once again that they can't be trusted with guns.
Negami 7 months ago
He was in essence, part of the Crusades clan of the Unholy Roman Catholic Cult. But you are right in that thought. It is just so incredibly insane. For a religion whose greatest commandment is to love your neighbor? They sure do have a damn hard time abiding by just that one rule. Let alone all the others like not judging others, helping the poor, etc.
Doramar 7 months ago
Irrelevent because it has nothing to do with my response to Sagan?s initial quote that you offered.
Muran 7 months ago
... now I had tied an onion in my belt - which was the style at the time...
Shakarg 7 months ago
Coworker to me: Is that a cell phone in your pocket or are you happy to see me?
Dougrel 7 months ago
All right, but you failed to answer

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