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"No...all rituals are completely obsolete as Christ..the real deal came and should have bee that final real sacrifice. Everything up to then, concerning ritual was rehearsal."

Thats not too hard for me because I consider almost anything sexual to be somewhat pleasurable. Eric was sitting on the milk crate and suggested that I sit in his lap.

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Now Cum for them!" I move in a little closer to them so that I am only about 3 feet in front of them and begin to slowly stroke my cock making sure to make eye contact with each of them for a short time Sasug I was stroking myself.

"I think you even liked the dogs. You will have to sign the releases, John so the final decision is yours. Barely able to see and starting to gag from cum, one after the other first blew their load in her face, and then she was forced to suck the warm gooey cum in, an swallow it, she tried to suck each of them for all she was worth.

I told her I had half a mind to rape her but how could I rape such a wanton slut. " The leader of the council said. I knew that was coming as well so I told him there was not much to see as I lifted my t-shirt to show him the two marshmallow sized lumps growing on my chest.

"Are you ready for a little bit more, baby?" His cock was so stiff, like a crowbar. Glaring baahen at her he leans in close to her ear as if he had read her mind he responds to her "You can fight me or you can do what I tell you.

He took his sf to lick and suckle each of my pussy lips almost like he was trying to pull as much sensation to each of them as he played with them.

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Sasur se erotic baaten
Sasur se erotic baaten
Sasur se erotic baaten
Sasur se erotic baaten

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Zulurisar 1 year ago
The only one who stood up for her was Maybe (forget her name).
Bragrel 1 year ago
No. I never said they weren't compatible. In fact I said many support both. Read my discussions...
Vikazahn 1 year ago
So through the lens of history we are correct in our morals because we have evolved into an enlightened species?
Bazil 1 year ago
They are not ignorant. They are imbeciles. The world is full of intelligent people who are ignorant of facts. The standard issue negro has about an 80 point IQ.
Goltishura 1 year ago
Yes, for 13 year old premeditated murderers (and those that attempt murder).
Vugor 1 year ago
I get it but It doesn?t matter. You represent your employer. And they don?t want their reputation to be burlesque. They have that right. If you are doing side gigs you probably should check with your employer. Also don?t post anything on social media that?s sketchy. Keep it private if you take pictures in your underwear, don?t friend work colleagues, don?t bash your job or competitors. Keep your politics in good taste. Just smart practices
Negore 1 year ago
B'rashit barah Elohim et hashamaim v'et ha'aretz. Elohim is a male plural. In the beginning gods created the heaven and earth.
Dairamar 1 year ago
Not at all, unless the Catholics decided to separate themselves from the filthy Protestants by being less fundy.
Gagul 1 year ago
Cool. All folks are immature but maturing. Patience is in order. Hopelessness is an illusion.^ I like chatting with you, Pan, you do well.
Sanris 1 year ago
There is no reason for anyone to believe the bible is true.
Nit 1 year ago
Where is Bibleland? Israel or Utah?
Mujinn 1 year ago
If they contend they are gods representative yes
Mazuzil 1 year ago
Intentions and reality were obviously different then. Constantinople became the second Rome, and a fully functional imperial capital, and was very Christian.
JoJokinos 1 year ago
Trump is bad.
Mazubar 1 year ago
If libtards had it their way, we would be a pure democracy.
Mulrajas 1 year ago
haha i'd rather be single for along time :P trusting someone is so hard
Kazilkree 1 year ago
If you go around giving up your rights your chances of being a slave are pretty strong
Tekus 1 year ago
I consider it highly unlikely.
Taukazahn 1 year ago
1. I am not certain that this has been firmly established by the collection of quotes presented, that said as an atheist, I will be the first to say that evolutionary theory does not rule out the existence of a creator though, based solely on the resistance of certain literalists, there is a case to be made that it challenges literalist interpretations of a few prominent holy texts.
Kajar 1 year ago
I met one person online once back in the dinosaur days of AOL. It was cool, had a friendly conversation thought things were cool. Then ghosted after the meeting.
Shajas 1 year ago
Yes, it was a translated term. My point was that the original Christianity was a religion of communities. In the same way as modern Judaism and Islam.
Mikazil 1 year ago
I hate the 'how can there be a god with all the suffering in the world" argument. I prefer the 'no evidence' argument. Suffering in the world is too easily explained by the hypothetical existence of a deist god.
Nisar 1 year ago
Sorry, but most historians think Jesus existed. Josephus and Tacitus both refer to Jesus. Obviously there
Meztikus 11 months ago
It was the one key word that hit the filter, I'm not sure why it is a restricted word, but the comment has been approved.
Meztiktilar 11 months ago
I am not judging what you do with your girlfriend. I understand some people are into mascochism. I am judging a medium that has normalized some pretty violent sexual acts against women. Which I think is completely fair.
Gole 11 months ago
Yeah... but then you'll miss the part where me and GTexas try to argue Atheists should support slavery!
Kashicage 11 months ago
Isn't she Mexican?

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